Battle Burn Out

Sorry for missing last week, this week hasn’t been my best. I feel that is a great opportunity to talk about burn out, art block, and how to overcome these when you spend the majority of your time building your business.

Burn out is experienced when you go hard and fast for too long, doing a specific task or hobby. You reach a point where you don’t experience joy or positivity from your experience doing it. Art block can come with burn out, or without it, art block is when you experience no creative inspiration and you cannot seem to draw anything relevant to your interests.

As someone who adheres to the idea that to be good you must draw every day, those two things can be detrimental to the growth of your skills as an artist.

I’ve done a lot- and I experience both burn out and art block often. I personally will hyper-fixate until I physically cannot do something any longer; when you run a business and can no longer do what you’re doing your business flops. Over the last decade + of trying to run my own business I have learned how to manage and cope with my personal needs and I want to share that in hopes to derail these feelings.

A lot of my coping mechanisms have overlap to both art block and burn out. If I have no desire to create, draw, or work on business items I promise myself just 5 min. If I can put at least 5 min into anything then I have not been unproductive for myself. As someone who holds productivity above self health, it means a lot that I can talk myself into being okay on low days.

I do find that if I can sit down for 5 min, I can usually put more time into it. The problem can then be “What” do I work on? If I have Art Block I have various different things I can choose from that are organized for minimal brain effort.

Figure Sketches

Perspective practices


Material and Textile practices

Color practices

And on days where the above feels like pulling teeth I sit with a sketchbook and scribble aimlessly. I let the pencil or pen just carry across in swoops, circles, zig zags, and I let my brain turn off and my hands take control.

Other things I do to keep burn out at bay are

Scheduled breaks

Set 45- 60 min for designated focus time

And on particularly rough days

Refer to “at least 5 minutes”

Choose easier/enjoyable things to work on

Work on self art, not work art

I hope this helps you like it’s helped me. Don’t forget- you gotta keep at it or you don’t get better and learning never stops. You got this art fiends. Until next time!

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