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Follow Bodahlia | Studio tart on various platforms. I always appreciate follows, shares, and further support. The support of my work means a lot and assists me to keep building the spendiferous projects that I get to work on.

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Enjoy exclusive stickers and coloring pages only available on Patreon. Support Bodahlia by pledging today!

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Support Bodahlia on Twitch for art, story, and TTRPG streams


Follow Bodahlia for updates and fun behind the scenes on Instagram

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For more non-sequitur and strange art posts follow Bodahlia on Twitter

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Surreal Fantasy Coloring Book

Purchase this 24 page coloring book on Amazon.


Studio- Tart on Facebook

because we all need a facebook page

Links: Projects
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Discord Portal

Deus Angeles

The Roleplay Discord for the Neon Devils Comic Project. This is an open world that is a splinter cannon for secrets at the heart of the world, a TTRPG in the process of being developed. You can follow along as a fan, participant, or creator.

Studio-Tart Art Server

For inconsistent updates and discussions to follow my artwork and progress you can join here. I make unfulfilled promises about art challenges and education

Wholesome Artists Discord

A community of artists of all levels who have come together to teach and learn. I work with this community on and off to create a wholesome learning environment and wholly support and endorse this

Blackfeather Guild

The group that I DM or play with on twitch most often is an incredible place for new and old TTRPG players, game designers, and all around cool cats to hang out

Links: Projects
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