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Bodahlia and Collaborators

Scroll down to check out some of the really cool people I consistently work with. If you're interested in collaborating you can reach out to Please know, my time is limited and I am not always available for long term collaborative work.

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Collaborators: Welcome

Kapi Love

Collaborative Painting and Prop Making

Kapi has worked with Bodahlia Art for years, in cosplay, event organizing and hosting, and now as a painter of incredibly large canvases. Together with Sarah Jane, they make the Anarchy Girls Cosplay. Kapi is also the primary writer for "Inglorious Sluts" A slow moving sci-fi romp comic that you'll be able to read soon as an episodic release through instagram.

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John R Belliston (AKA Behemoth)

Lead Writer for Neon Devils

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Canned Chaos

Artist on the Neon Devils Proect

is a published digital artist and a ttrpg enthusiast. They have joined our team primarily to help us behind the scenes and help guide other players and work on collaborative work and colors for the Neon Devils Splinter Canon.


Gabe Vielle

Artist on the Neon Devils Project

Gabe’s been drawing since they were a weee old baby. Gabe mostly draws anime ish artwork but has many different art styles and will be helping as a designated storyboarder and collaborator for the Neon Devils Splinter Canon


Vanessa (AKA pepero princess)

Archivest and Editor for the Neon Devils Project

Illustrator and organizer aficionado, she has stepped in to keep track and archive the Neon Devils splinter cannon and Secrets at the Heart of the World Lore/Ttrpg

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Emory - Black Rabbit Art

Collaborative Designer

Non-binary illustrator and character artist, that collaborates with Bodahlia on graphic art designs often for apparel and print.

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Colleen Briggs

Business Consultant

Dr. Coleen Briggs is a subject expert in gamification and game-based learning techniques, with a specialization in business and leadership development. She has a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of the Cumberlands and a master's in Human Services-Career Counseling from Lenoir-Rhyne University. She specializes in professional career consultation, leadership development, small business design, and program design. She enjoys working one-on-one with clients and approaches work from a perspective of fun and play. She can be reached via email at and found on both Facebook and Instagram. She also has a professional website at"

Collaborators: Meet the Team
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